How to Choose the Best Meme Coin Project to Invest In

How to Choose a Meme Coin

Low Risks

  1. Token distribution — most project developers have deployed strategies to fool unsuspecting investors and one of those is allocating half of the project’s tokens to themselves or a celebrity. This is dangerous because since they did not buy these tokens like other investors, they could simply dump their huge allocation anytime they see fit. In disparity, an ideal project launch is one where all of the tokens are put into a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap or UniSwap and open for anyone to purchase.
  2. Liquidity pool ownership — when an emerging project creates a liquidity pool on a DEX, their default move is to have total control of the LP. This means that they can remove the entirety of the pool along with all digital assets locked anytime they see fit. An ideal project should have investors as liquidity pool owners.

High Potential Reward

  1. Projects with a long-term focus on adoption and community building.
  2. Projects with a trustworthy team of renowned crypto experts
  3. An ideal white paper with a clear cut vision for the future
  4. The aesthetics of the token. Is it cute with a real meme?

Promising Meme Coin Projects

  1. MiniDoge — this is the world’s first auto-boost hyper deflationary coin.
  2. BabyDoge — this is a deflationary coin with a vision to become scarce over time, thereby increasing its value. This is a cute meme albeit with a lot of bites.
  3. CateCoin — this project will attempt to create a marketplace where meme creators will be paid for creating and submitting memes.
  4. CorgiCoin — all of this project’s tokens are locked on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange and not surprisingly, this project is 100% community-owned.



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