APO signs MOU with Linfinity to help member economies adopt blockchain technology

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Linfinity Co. Ltd to facilitate widespread adoption of blockchain-based cybersecurity technologies in APO member countries. The initiative will also help the APO promote digitalization and smart manufacturing in the Asia Pacific.

The MOU was signed by APO Secretary-General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn and Linfinity CEO Anndy Lian in Tokyo, 14 March 2019. Under the MOU, the APO will promote blockchain ecosystems through the capacity building of national productivity organizations and industries.

Sharing details of the agreement, Secretary-General Dr. Santhi said that as a leading intergovernmental organization in the Asia-Pacific region, the APO is committed to helping member economies improve productivity and competitiveness by adopting digital technologies, including Industry 4.0 tools.

“Within the region, there is a growing willingness to make manufacturing smart through the use of artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of things. The hyperconnected Industry 4.0 environment also makes the security of digital assets a critical area. The decentralized, digitized, blockchain ledger system shows the potential for strengthening cybersecurity across traditional and smart industries,” Dr. Santhi stated. He noted that the initiative would enable the adoption of blockchain-based cybersecurity technologies and enhance data transfer security in smart factories.

The APO currently is working to promote and incorporate blockchain technology for smart manufacturing chains to enhance the overall productivity levels of Asian countries.

Commenting on the MOU, Lian explained that Linfinity had been working on dispelling the myth that the blockchain was too complicated. “We are focused on making it work effectively and in conveying blockchain traceability to our traditional industry customers in a simpler, more application-oriented way. The agreement with the APO will pave the way for the promotion and adoption of blockchain technologies in industries across its member countries.”

Originally published at https://www.apo-tokyo.org.

Anndy Lian is an early blockchain adopter and experienced serial blockchain entrepreneur. He is also the Book Author of “Blockchain Revolution 2030”

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